Massage has been known as a good therapy to reduce stress, relieve pain as well as one of the best treatment for depression for a very long time. Nowadays, if you want a massage session, there are more than 80 therapy styles along with a wide selection of pressures, movements as well as techniques. These all include rubbing, press muscles and other soft tissues techniques.

Regarding to a survey conducted by American Massage Therapy Association in 2007, nearly a quarter of Americans went through at least one massage in the past year. Thus, it is believed that there are more and more people recognize the incredible health benefits of massage. There are an enormous number of advantages that a dubai massage can bring us such as healing wounds, cure certain diseases as well as improve overall health conditions.

Below are several health benefits categorized in terms of types that you may look at to encourage yourself a massage session as soon as possible.

1. Swedish Massage

Including soft, long, rubbing strokes, or gently, cadenced, tapping strokes on the epidermis, Swedish massage is one of the most common massage therapy to adopt in order to reduce stress as well as improve overall well - beings. By soothing the muscle tension, Swedish therapy not only boost your energy but also help you relax. In addition, it is useful in recovering after an injury.

The four frequent movements of Swedish massage:

Effleurage: an effortless, descend stroke used to ease soft tissue

Petrissage: the compressing, wheeling, or kneading that pursuing effleurage

Friction: deep, round movements that rub these layers of tissue against each other, thus, regulate the blood stream.

Tapotement: a rhythmic percussion, mostly executed with the edge of the hand, tips of fingers or cupped hands.

These techniques are used to rouse the nervous system and also as a regulating stroke that can relieve the lymphatic which establish the back.

2. Neuromuscular Therapy Massage

Neuromuscular therapy massage is sort of a tissue management that target at treating those beneath causes of persistent pain including muscles pain as well as nerve pain. This type of massage (which is medically - oriented form) will undertake trigger points, circulation, nerve pressure, postural problems and biomechanical issue that originate from constant movement injuries.

3. Deep Tissue Massage

Another effective technique, namely deep tissue massage, will absolutely focus on several severe painful injuries on your body. The masseur usually adopts slow and deliberate strokes that concentrate on muscle's layers, tendons and other deep tissue beneath your skin. Despite of being less rhythmic than any other techniques, this type of massage - deep tissue massage may be largely therapeutic which means it can soothe the persistent patterns of tension as well as recover muscles damage like back strain.

4. Sports Massage

Being designed for specialized aim, sports massage, like its name, is typically created to reduce athlete's stress as well as improve their overall well - being. These massage can be addressed before, during or especially after one of sport events. It is typically developed to upgrade muscles system, increase the flexibility and prevent any further injuries. Also, it can be adopted to help athletes recover from muscles strains, thereby, speed up the healing process.

5. Pregnancy Massage

Pregnant women may experience enormous changes during her pregnancy, thus, a pregnancy massage will help the mother to reduce stress, lowering the arm and leg's swelling as well as soothe the pain in muscles and joints. Since during pregnancy, the mother needs to be extremely careful when taking medicine, massage can be excessively useful for pregnant woman. Plus, the massage therapist will utilize the specialized techniques to address the comfortable and relaxed sensation.

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